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Crazy Eyes

Not a reference to “Hungry Eyes” the song, or How I Met Your Mother, though I guess it’s sort of borrowed from there.

Today, for the first time I met someone with actual crazy eyes. And not crazy eyes as in the VC’s extreme kaana-ness, nor crazy eyes as in “Like, OMGz, he has these crayyyzy eyes, I could just drown in them you guys!!!!” (Guess who thinks all girls talk like this?)

No, crazy eyes as in stalker, needs psychological help, needs a padded room, will wake up one day to find him having brought all the knives in the house to your room and placed them around you while smiling down at you like he’s brought you flowers (apparently Ted Bundy did that to his sister :O). Yeah, those crazy eyes.

And he had mannerisms to match. I mean, most people have a streak of crazy in them but it takes a while to come out.  This guy was going for the gold in a 100 meter race. I didn’t spend 3 minutes around him before I knew I’d lose my voice screaming if I ever met him with nobody else around. And no, I’m not being dramatic. Apparently, he has that effect on everyone.

I would seriously not be surprised if he came up in the news having performed an actual TCM (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, not Turner Classic Movies) or become the next zodiac killer, or Jeffrey Dahmer or (again, going for the gold) Ted Bundy.

The point of this  – I met a potential serial killer today, what the fuck did you do? 😀

Much love

– Billy

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