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Last Bullet Pointed Post ever – I swear

So, I’m sitting in the law firm that my friends know I am in. I don’t know if I want to say.. oh fuck it, its JSA, ok? And maybe I’m impatient and demanding but damn, its dull. No details. Its probably my fault more than anything. I couldn’t care less. I’d bring a book here if I didn’t know next month was going to be completely free and I need to spread out my hobbies. Here’s the agenda for the summer:-

  • Draw more. Get really good at it. So good that you can draw in 2-3 hours max and it would be just as good as the Jew boy sketch. So good that if it comes to it, next Carpe Diem you’ll be raking in the moolah with a not-really-there stall if you want. Stuff to draw – Ricky Gervais, Mindy Kaling, Steve Carell, George Carlin, Stephen Fry, Paul Newman, Kurt Vonnegut, Zooey Deschanel, Matt And Trey, Amy Poehler, Rachel Maddow…
  • See if you can paint. The wall doesn’t look bad, and apparently practice makes perfect even with stuff like this.
  • Read the following – Cider House Rules, Love Lies And A Little Malice, The Liar, Oscar Wilde, the rest of Douglas Adams. That Terry Pratchett your sister got. Then go and buy books from the money you got for this non-job.
  • Watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report till you fall into the deep mire that is ultimate fandom to the extent that you have nothing left in your mind other than happiness at the existence of two adorable and beautiful people old enough to be your two gay dads, and extreme anger at the thought that they exist and they live in on the other side of the world and there is nothing you can ever do about it, ever.
  • Play with dog so she falls more in love with you, and maybe slip her some pills so she’s able to walk without wagging her tail.
  • Watch The Long, Hot Summer on loop, specifically the shirtless verandah scene where Paul Newman’s calling out her name that makes you forget all of your hard earned cynicism and apathy and just go… “bleargh waga whafgha hunghghhgh… do me….” in a sadly primal way.
  • Watch all the 30 Rock, all the Community, the Modern Family, Watch Rick and Hank Green On Youtube, Seinfeld, The Office, Rachel Maddow….
  • Movies – Dark Knight Rises, Seeking A Friend For the End Of The World, Hunger Games, Cool Hand Luke, The Oranges, Wilde, Repo Men…
  • Do all this in June when you won’t be in the US because your life looks so pathetic on paper, people think you will have no reason to come back.
  • Take pictures of Gurgaon cause sometimes it really looks like American upper middle class suburbia looks like. Also take pictures of open gutters and floody roads to remind self that its still India.
  • Write more, and better. And not in bullet points.

Its sad but lately the substance of this blog has been drawings. Probably because these days the substance of my life has been people I really like, and therefore sketch. Here’s all of them. Final scans.

Not been posted before. Doesn’t look much like him. But he didn’t look much like him back then. But in the words of S – “You cant just call this photo ‘hot’! My cycle has changed because of this!”

Did this over the weekend. I love these two. 🙂

Also over the weekend. I love this scene. And the quote. And they’re both guys. One is not a girl in my state of hair. But ya, cute movie.

That’s all.

– Billy

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