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I’ve been in a particularly cynical state of mind for the past few days. More so even, than usual. I cant think of any precipitating factor for this. Maybe seeing too many couples just brings out the inner heinous cynical bitch in me, and heaven knows there are couples here. Lots of them.

Either way, in an ill-fated attempt to either feed this cynicism or banish it for some time if not for eternity, I have a challenge.

I dare anyone, anyone at all, to bring me a love story- a real life one. It has to have had lasted more than 5 years, and neither of the partners should have any response that is not an equivalent of “Awesome!” when asked how things are going generally. they’re allowed to have off days and stuff, but generally, they should be happy. Not even jubilant or ecstatic, just happy. NOT UNhappy is definitely necessary.

And please be honest.

Or let this lie for long enough and I’ll have another post about something other than cynicism *fingers crossed*

Muck and Love

– Billy


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