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the family just gots madder

Here’s the report as per a few hours before right now, on my family’s madness :-

  • One of my great-aunt’s took me aside and told me to tell yall Hindus and Muslims that it’s a very sad fact that no matter what you do, all of yall are going to hell. Yes, she was quite serious about it. Also, she advised me to sever ties with yall or I was very likely going to join you in the afterlife in the sauna. My response, for those who are wondering- “if god is that stupid and unfair, I don’t think I want to join his club.”
  • My grandmother agrees with the former mentioned lady, and further wishes I would join the beautiful tradition I have been blessed enough to be born into, and leave the heathens I currently associate with. My response – roll eyes and increase volume of the T.V. or the music system.
  • My grandfather (who to be fair did this only because he was senile) accused me and my sister of prostitution. “I know what girls do outside after 6 o’clock in the evening.” My response- nothing because I was the one who was out till 9 that evening.
  • My dad is an atheist commi six days a week, self declaredly. On the seventh, i.e. Sunday, he goes to church with my mum, enjoys the music, finds a bit of hope for the world and comes back. Well, the idea might be smart but it is a bit mad. My response- it’s confused but I suppose I can’t blame him.
  • My sister is completely confused about the whole god-religion thing.
  • In many ways, I don’t care about God much even though I’m a strong believer in the concept. I don’t think God” gives a shit if you believe or not. Some people might call that mad..

Current status after aconversationin the past 2-3 hours:-

  • My mom, who is a catholic from Pala, Kottayam, denies the idea that her ancestors were dalits. She says they were Brahmins. And she finds it insulting if people say the former.

Seriously, HOW did I end up being even THIS normal??


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