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That Stuff

I don’t know in which class it was though I think it was 9th or 10th. One of our teachers told us about a workshop she went to where they were asked to do the funeral thing. Basically, write down what you think your funeral should look like. I thought it was interesting and wrote down my own version. I don’t have a copy or anything, but I do remember the gist – I looked shiny in the coffin, everyone I knew was there, and everyone cried. Also, the few guys I had had crushes on felt heartbroken cause they never got to tell me how they secretly fancied the pants off me.

Now there are a few variations. It’s more along the lines of the wake they give Gerard Butler in P.S. I Love You (It was the one good part of the movie). But yes, all the people I know are there. Also, anyone who knows me I guess.

I think that’s the important part. I wouldn’t want someone at my funeral who didn’t know me. I guess it would be ok to have a few strangers who came to support those who are actually grieving, but nobody else. I always felt it would be insulting to go to someone’s funeral whom I didn’t even know of and who didn’t know of me. It’s insulting to the dead and it’s insulting to the people that actually knew him/her and are genuinely grieving.

It’s always upsetting to know someone passed away before their time, and I guess it’s hard not to think about it. But it’s not my place to declare it. If I can pray lying down in bed without folding my hands or closing my eyes, I can have respect for human life and its passing without any such trappings.

Not that I think everyone should feel as I feel and do as I do. It’s just the way I think, and I don’t see anything wrong in it. I don’t ask anyone to follow my lead.

So, to whatever spirit/soul/nothing that managed to live through this shit – salut and adieu. You are obviously remembered and missed by many, and no doubt, with good reason. That is the most I am entitled to say.

– Billy

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