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Am very sleepy so forgive any grammatical, spelling errors. Got a worm to write right now.

The other day, I was with some of my friends, randomly talking, and out of god only knows where, I had this amazing feeling. I knew, somehow, that here was where I had nothing to prove, nobody to please. I lucked out, finally. I have friends. I have more than 3 people in my life who are not related to me but whom I trust to stick around come what may. After 20 technical years, and about 11 conscious ones on this planet, I realize that is something I really have to be thankful for.

Finally, something in my life is like how they are in the movies, and that is the most spectacular revelation I have ever had.

I guess that’s another reason for not being able to hate NALSAR. And if we’re coming right down to it, I guess Bluebells, but I really like that place anyway. So there, College was useful in some ways after all.

That’s all – sharing my discovery with the cosmos 🙂

– Billy

P.S. – and also, this is not a method of deterring the ultimatum/time bar I’ve been given for getting some guts for certain stuff. I keep striving for courage there….

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