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Some Stuff

I don’t have much to say, but apparently it’s been a month, so to those few who read/ follow this, I say – your apparent need for me to put useless self-immolating, and narcissistic thoughts on this thing is sad yet exhilarating.

So here is stuff I’d like to point out:-

  • From what I have seen of it, Tumblr and 9gag is way cooler than facebook could ever hope to be. I will refrain from commenting on Twitter seeing as I have only been there a few times to see what Stephen Fry is up to.
  • My friends have taken to drugging me as the solution to my apathy. Not complaining. Just a fact.
  • Kurt Vonnegut feels like he is taking incoherent thoughts from my head and placing them in trite, dark and comic sentences in stories I am very fond of.
  • A good/bad cold can get rid of a quarter of the amount of tissues you have (depending on how many you had to begin with) as well as any self-respect and confidence you had in your body and its functioning.
  • I have heard of The Hunger Games and have yet to watch it. I want to, but am not sure if I’m looking forward to it.
  • Dogs are amazing things put on this earth by only the best of evolutionary processes.
  • This is what I would like to enunciate about rape, which before this, I have never been able to say in less than two sentences – “People talk about sexual assault like it’s a bad habit that men have.” Thank you again, man I love.
  • I can draw rather well now – apparently all it takes is practice. If I had known that worked with drawing I would have done it a lot more at 16.
  • Seinfeld is awesome.
  • If they cancel Community I will feel less sad if and when America fails as a country. On the same note, I love Abed.
  • I want Pizza.
  • My passport picture looks like a mug shot. I was waiting for two hours before I sat for it, and studying for 5 subjects while waiting. However, I do look like a juvie.
  • If I do get the Visa, I’m going to see the fuck out of Second City.
  • These are some of the books I have read recently – The Hitchhiker’s Guide, Gods Without Men, Team Of Rivals, The Player Piano, Monstrous Regiment, The Help, Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors, Mother Night, Earth – a Visitor’s Guide to The Human Race, The End Of Wall Street, White Tiger, and am currently reading Palm Sunday. I also got The Cider House Rules (for 100 bucks) and The Liar.
  • The Artist is one of the few Oscar winning movies I actually love watching.
  • I finally figured out I can insert gifs and how – check it bitches!


This is what I feel when I see this. What is that called? The image version of onomatopoeia?

  • My hair is growing at a pace that is starting to irritate me.
  • Apparently it is not pathetic to keep asking your friends what they’re talking about – I shall generously employ this tactic from now on.
  • Apparently we are always looking at our noses, even while me look at other things, and our brains just ignore it.
  • The Monty Pythons are awesome.
  • I drew these. There is one of the younger Colbert but I had to make some changes in that after the scanning so I’m going to wait to put that up.

please note - this is not House, it is Hugh Laurie. That is why there is no stubble.


I think this looks like any old guy in the world, and thus I judiciously pulled fast one with the Title thing. But I have been told that it apparently looks like the guy. So that's that.


That’s all.

– Billy

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