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The Reason I couldn’t care less

So once next semester starts, everyone in college will be talking about the big E. Elections. Now having been schooled in Delhi, I can comprehend why they would be a big deal in a place like DU. If you want to become a politician, a career in politics while in DU would be a good way to start.

Another reason t get involved in college politics – you actually care about making a difference. You know, work for people, make the problems go away, etc. etc. In a way, that would be an admirable aim. I sincerely doubt many of us here have those intentions. Or even, intentions to get into politics.

I asked myself this very question sometime last semester. Why do I care about it? I couldn’t really come up with an answer. And being of a rational bent of mind, I think that must have been the moment I STOPPED caring.

I don’t want to be a politician, or even remotely involved in anything like politics. Despite belonging to the snake-pit we call law school, I have no love for power, money, subterfuge, influence or any of the shebang. And I really don’t care so much about moots, debates, hostels or the joke that is “culture” in here. At least not enough to make me want to actively do something about bettering them. The most I want out of the elections would be an Acad Rep who would get us extensions, and help us in case someone needs it. It would be an added bonus if I got to see certain people fall on their asses and cry like little girls, but again, even that wouldn’t encourage me to actively do anything.

As to why other people give a damn, I can only guess. Having lived with people here for more than 2 years I can conclude that at least those who run for elections and get themselves involved in it, don’t really care about anything or anybody, so that couldn’t be a reason. As for entering politics later, while people here definitely have the slimy thing going for them, I think by the time we’re 30, they would be too involved in living their jaded dreams to spare time to try and win elections. Of course, there are some who aim to get into politics later in life, and while I’m not into politics and don’t see any good in that career, this is one reason to get involved in NALSAR politics that I can see a modicum of sense in.

So why do so many people care? I have a guess as an amateur shrink Рmegalomania! It runs rampant and wild in this secluded community of 500. And in this secluded community of 500, becoming important enough to those 500 people becomes paramount. So we get involved, we stratergize, we wonder what the others one floor above us, and the ones three rooms across from us are talking about. And then, come election day, we all go to class seemingly cheerful, but with full knowledge that everyone is watching everyone. And then, people get elected. Then the Exec gets elected. Then the President gets elected.

And then, we all go on for a whole year in which nothing seems very different from last year.

But we can all be happy. Those who got elected can rejoice in the fact that they became important people in a community of 500, and the rest of us can go to bed happy feeling that we were a part of something big – again, in a community of 500 people generally closed off from the rest of the world for 8 months a year.

So why did the 2nd Year Revolution happen? Many reasons, most important of which would be that it needed to happen at some point. Personally, it was fun. Maybe some people are still sore about it, but for me, even as it did have repurcussions; looking back, it seems like the height of self-importance that any of us made such a big deal out of it as to get hurt, and that includes me.

So here’s the big question, and yes, it is rhetorical. As a friend of mine asked a few days ago ( in a sort of different context) – “Why are you prostituting yourself for THIS??”

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