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Intro maar

I don’t understand anything about blogging. I don’t know what the norm is, I don’t know what will be extremely original, and as of now, since I can’t do anything about my lack of knowledge, I don’t particularly care.
I’m in law school, wherein I pretend every day to slog my ass off, which I do but hardly as much as I say I do. Its amazing the things peer pressure can make you do.
As to what this blog will be, I have no clue, but hey, since it has a name which is of no consequence what-so-ever I doubt the randomness will be an object causing ire or any such feelings within the hearts of those poor souls who will happen to chance by this.
As can be seen, I shall employ the usage of extremely long and complicated sentences which will hopefully be clear to the said readers because of the lack of love I ever had for vocabulary. So if you plan to ever comment, do so in the simplest of languages. No talking like freak lawyers and judges. We all know they’re a huge bunch of phonies who only use such atrocious language to try and get a sense of purpose in life which they quite obviously had lost when they came of age into the legal profession, and realized that they are so full of shit they cannot survive without their asses through which they talk. Footnote Dario Fo (P.S. I Love him). Having said that, I have a great deal of respect for the legal profession. It definitely teaches you how to survive in a bastard eat bastard world.
Also, please don’t start trying to be smart and asking for concrete proof of what I’m saying. go fugging find out for yourself, or admit that you’re too lazy, and the most intelligent thing to do would be to consider -not appreciate, not acknowledge, but consider the fact that opinions are usually based on nothingness no matter how much something ness we try to put in them after having formed them, and thus what I say is not always justified. Maybe you should understand that I’m not omniscient, unlike the Encyclopedia or Das. Also, this place will probably not contain any creativity, or any unbelievably brilliant entertainment. Get over it. That is taken care of by P.D. and SamBhai respectively (the latter if SamBhai ever starts a blog, or has she already? will ask.) I’ll probably have links to their pages once I figure out how to put them in, so don’t get your innerwear in a twist.
Whatever, now bugger off.
– Billy

P.S. – One last fact- don’t jump to conclusions about the tone of this blog by current post, or any post since my mood is as ambivalent as … pick the most ambivalent thing you know, and you got it.

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