16 Sep

Punishment confession – I liked Twilight. Right up to age 18 when I realized most guys were more idiotic than I had previously imagined. This meant that if those guys ended up being immortal and controlling, I would have to nuke the planet in an attempt to rid the universe of this menace. Later of course, I realized vampires weren’t real, so that was another reason to not like the book. Later, I also realized that every character in that book would be highly irritating in real life. You’re 18 bitch. If all you want to do is fuck a hot guy and live forever, then…. Well then you’re like everyone else. Except you made a big deal out of it. Get over yourself. and vampires aren’t real. You cant just make things up and put them in books. As Hugh Laurie said about Jane Eyre – “It’s Rubbish’!” Vampires don’t exist and I will never ever be mounted by an ice cold penis and feel the need to suck blood. Just go away now, just go away, I have to cry, whore. You made me cry with the picture you painted of a stalker who (whom?) I end up marrying.

Guess what parts of the above was true?

Reasons for delay are multiple. Exams happened last week. When weekend came around, I had to finish some stuff. All of which is not done yet. I had to draw 2 cartoons. I had to write an essay or a story. I had to write a blog post. I had to finish Biosafety assignment’s last article that I have been putting off like so –



I was going to finish the art work some time last night and then start the writing thing. But then my pencil stabbed me. Quite deeply. Major blood gushing happened. All over one of the cartoons. Which left me rather devastated, with an injured foot to add to my despair. It stopped bleeding after a while. So now I doubt I’ll be able to write, because once something like this happens, I feel like I have the right to wallow in self pity. And when I feel justified in bumming out, I have no option but to go through with the bumming post haste.

Also – I’m going to Bangalore! Which means I’ll run into some acquaintances which may or may not be awkward depending on how much alcohol is ingested at the moment of meeting. It also means Koshy’s (hopefully), and Books! It also means I will be prop making/managing for our play which I was going to audition for, but I got drunk that day.

I just realized this blog is sounding more and more like a sequence of events in the life of Ke$ha. That sickens me to my very core.

Also Spam mails have come back. Ever since I mentioned them on that post I stopped receiving them. I thought I had succeeded in bitching out Operating Systems.But no. Now I have a lady saying she got directed to my blog by her brother. I refuse to believe any comment I receive unless its in the  normal comment section and not in spam mail. Also, the SEO/ you’re a useless blogger without *this* item for which you will have to pay 500 dollars plus sacrifice a virgin – mailed again. Fuck off.

I think that’s all. Toodles.

– Billy


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