Golly fuck

21 Dec

Have spent the entire day looking over newspaper clippings and clippings and clippings about the bloody Lokpal bullshit from the last 2 months. I may be displaying my ignorance and simple-mindedness when I say that at this point, I don’t see what the fuss is about. Then again, I may just be brain dead right now.

Why would I write in this state? Because if I don’t do it now, I wont do it later. I’m very poignant at this moment, eh?

Seriously, whenever I see something that catches the attention of the media for this long, I eventually reach this point. There doesn’t seem to be a point. I mean I’m all for anti-corruption and what not, but I have lived in Delhi for 18 years, 7 of them with a passable brain, and while I appreciate the effort here, I really don’t think one law is going to do the job.

I have never seen a single law ever having any phenomenal effect, especially if it’s a law governing the government, especially the Executive. All this aam-aadmi stuff is nice PR but seriously, how much of it is going to make a difference to the aam-aadmi. Don’t tell me people are going to start complaining to the authorities under the Act, if it’s ever passed, as soon as some off-white shirt wearing government official seems to be reluctant about getting off the old gluteus maximus unless there is sufficient reward.

I don’t know what Anna wants in life, maybe by some weird twist of the space time continuum he is someone who’s on TV and not an asshole at the same time, (though I highly doubt it – anyone who gets misty eyed over the ‘atmosphere’ or ‘energy’ of some place with sufficient numbers of the press around to record that fact is at least a bit suspect) but I happen to agree with Celine here. The only people who actually make a difference to people’s lives are those who do something small but utterly meaningful and helpful without the attention of the media or the internet. Anyone who actually gives two shits, enough to want to do something, would hardly ever have the ego or the ambition to want power or even influence as is the case with this guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I get the point of a gay pride parade or a rally about providing contraception, or healthcare, or education. That is likely to effect the lives of people in a substantial manner, at least more so than this. But such a huge circus about a law regarding the functioning of a body of the government…. I appreciate the effort, I do, but if I had the time, I wouldn’t devote it to this. In my very amateur, pretentious, probably-not-worth-a-jhaat opinion, if I really wanted to help someone, I could get a B.Ed. of some sort, go to a village somewhere and talk myself hoarse till I get parents to send their kids to my class where I’d teach them the Rs and disillusion them about the BS of the universe. But I won’t because I’ll admit that I don’t care that much, and I don’t like kids.

That’s about all.

BTW, what is it with men and odor? Sometimes I walk to the men’s compartment in the Metro because the doors are closer to the stairs in the station, and there is ALWAYS a bad BO smell there. It couldn’t be a poor people thing. Poor women travel in the metro too, and the ladies compartment doesn’t smell like that unless its packed like cattle carts. So men, if you think nobody will notice when you’re not bathing, just remember – drops in the ocean.

And this guy is fuck funny. He’s Australian –

That’s all

–          Billy

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One response to “Golly fuck

  1. Ipshita

    December 22, 2011 at 10:07 am

    A few people in Santa Clara have asked me why Indian men smell so bad. I have no answer to this, and this is EVIDENTLY not a poor person problem, since they’re talking about men who live (and work) in the Silicon Valley, and presumably make hecka money.
    If you solve that riddle, let me know, I’ll pass the answer along 😛


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