pbthbthbthbthb! – *its the noise that comes when you make a farting sound with your tongue out*

13 Dec

Fuck Yall.

I apologize in advance to people who don’t want to hear a rambling rant.

I’ve had fucking enough of this religion bullshit. I may be taking The God Delusion too far, but seriously, the utter fuckery that takes place because of god-damned faith is too much. Maybe it’s because I watch the news a bit more and read the newspaper more regularly, but how, HOW is it possible that people who have been doing that for longer than me don’t want to choke almost everyone you see?

Just finished reading the latest Outlook. There was an article about some random ass ritual in a fucked up obscure temple in Karnataka (BTW what is with that State? I loved Bangalore for the limited time I spent there, but everything else in that State seems like the worst parts of ‘Indian culture’ on crack). The Brahmins eat their fill and then the dalits roll around in their spittoon-like leftovers on the floor. It’s called maade snana. Apparently when an NGO worker tried to ask questions he was beat up. By dalits. And the fucked up ass-faces got congratulated by their bloody Brahmin priest, who I suspect did not let their shadows touch him as he said some religious crap, probably along the lines of ‘You still were dog-poop in your past life, but now, you can be a dog in your next life instead of elephant poop.’ And I know that’s not exactly how the mythology goes, but that doesn’t mean this particular version of rationale for casteism is any worse than the ‘real one’.

And it is one thing for the assholes at VHP and Co. to not say anything, probably (let’s face it) because they don’t see anything wrong with it. After all, if the dalits are dumb enough to take a dip in waste left over by the bastard Brahmins, they’re probably too stupid to vote, right? So why bother? Of course, the I-Can’t-Make-Up-My-Mind-About-Anything Congress decides to say they don’t want to hurt sentiments. Well, fuck you too. If there’s one this as unbelievably shitty as a collective irrational belief in weird-ass and degrading shit like this, by the degraders and the degraded, it’s the stupidity in ignoring it for the sake of sentiments.

Whoever asked ‘Why reason?’ – THIS is why, motherfucker. When you have people doing stuff like volunteering for rolling around in other people’s spittle, jumping into fires, cutting off their sexual organs, and committing murder-suicides, if you don’t see the need for reason, you’re a freak of nature who needs to be locked up. And possibly have all that shit done to you. You’re already a raving lunatic, more torture won’t have any overly damaging effects, right? And no, I don’t really mean that last bit. I’m ranting.

Then there was Jon Stewart coming out and declaring war on Christmas last week. Funny as shit. And more power to you man. Every day I see more reason for the American version of secularism. People really need to start hiding their religion like homosexuals had to hide their homosexuality. And they had no reason to be ashamed. Religious people really need to be a bit sorry for being gullible if nothing more. But my point is, after that, the ass-faced bigot who has caused me to challenge my previously held belief that I could at least listen to the bakwaas spewed by a Class-A twerp, i.e. Bill O’Reilly, commented on said declaration of war by saying, “Now, there is no question that Mr. Stewart is going to hell.”

And while that stuff said with such ardent belief was funnier than Jon Stewart could ever hope to be, and I still giggle at Stewart’s reaction, it’s still such fucked-up tosh. Yeah, people should be allowed to say whatever they want and believe whatever they want, even if its mentally deranged. But torture and spit bathing is not something should be allowed to do based on belief. And even if they are, the freedom of speech goes both ways buddy. I should be able to say that the Brahmins here are assholes, the Dalits are gullible idiots, the BJP and Congress are scramble brained ’fraidy cats and Bill O’Reilly will always retain his smug, self-important pee-brain that will provide endless ire and amusement to normal-brained people everywhere. But I won’t because if I do, I’d offend too many people.

BTW, Colbert made 2 guys dressed as Santa kiss on his show. Brilliance!

And then the Ramdev shit. Yeah, it looks like the Congress really fucked up there. The least they could have done when trying to take away someone’s free speech (which in this case was used for what prima facie looks like mindless argle-bargle), is not leave a paper trail about how that was exactly their plan. And by paper trail, I mean newspaper trail. I am no supporter of the yoga dude. The whole seeing people’s heart beating thing freaks me out. And it’s one thing to say ‘I don’t like what you’re doing’ in a protest and offering suggestions, and quite another to say, ‘Do what I say, even though I have no expertise on the concerned subject or I will fast unto death, and convince my minions to also commit slow mass-suicide.’ Kool-Aid, anyone? (I may be a bit too into finding out about serial killers and the like.) And the guy’s an idiot for his personal actions. I repeat myself when I say, why didn’t you just sit there and refuse to budge instead of making a clown out of yourself? Sad that what seems like the only good idea Gandhi had is adapted sufficiently into the public consciousness of people everywhere but in India.

And WHAT THE FUCK is up with this censorship bullshit? I really don’t like what the BJP gets up to when it gets in office, but someone needs to tell the Congress that in order maintain a façade of mediocrity in a country where there’s BJP on the one end and CPI on the other, and mediocrity seems to be the selling card of the Congress for a long time, they need to stop prancing around getting scared of everything written about them. The BJP had much worse shit written about them (with good reason) and all they did about it was say, ‘You lie!’ rather unconvincingly. If you have a basis for doing the stuff you do, then drum-roll and speak. If you don’t, be like politicians and say that you did not have sex with that woman. Don’t try to get people to shut up. The internet has too many loopholes for that to actually work.

I mean come on! Before this, you only had sections of middle and lower class up in arms about stuff that the rich and the upper middle class couldn’t really care less about. But now you have to go and alienate possibly the only demographic left to you – i.e. the sort of tolerant, upper middle class and rich young folk who need the internet to breathe, by taking away one of the few things they care about- pornography. Get your act together, or you will force them to actually get off their asses come election day and, having no other options, vote for the CPI. Which may not be a very bad thing, but they do have some fucked-up tendencies also. But then again, which one of you assholes don’t?

Anyway, that’s about all. Wow, I’m so pretentious right now. I would not post this but i spent about half an hour on it, so waste not.


– Billy




2 responses to “pbthbthbthbthb! – *its the noise that comes when you make a farting sound with your tongue out*

  1. Sampire

    December 19, 2011 at 7:09 am

    Also, the sexy trolley cum toy cars that Wal-mart has to offer. Seen it with me own eyes, really!

  2. 9livestoomany

    December 19, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    I’m being very philistine *aherm*, but, huh??


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