My sad sad fate

01 Oct

It has occurred to me just recently while engaging in something akin to girl talk, while feeling unbelievably sleepy, that my record of going without a crush for two years during 11th and 12th class is about to be broken- by me, obviously.

In the past one year and four months living in Nalsar, I have had two crushes – one I was ashamed of having after a week of the two-three day stint, and lets be fair, all of us in the GH give each other free passes for our first month faux pas’ as far as the crushing department is concerned. The second, I must say, I’m a bit more proud of, considering I still consider his hotness worthy of the title. *smirk*. However, some people just don’t get beyond the category of “friend” in your head, even if you do like beards. *double smirk*.

Having said that, the fact remains, I currently see nothingness in my future- no crushes- none! Not a single potential crush have I detected; and now, I am coming face to face with the probability that the little note inside my 19th birthday present will be something I will NOT be happy to see by the time I’m 22.Four years of wondering if my standards are too high… although I don’t think I have many….

So, Salut!


bye bye fuckers…

– Billy


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2 responses to “My sad sad fate

  1. Vora

    October 3, 2009 at 10:10 am

    u think too much. crushes are not something to think about. i mean, i wouldn’t disregard ur lack of “liking” someone in 2 yrs…but crushes or feelings in general are not things u conjure in ur head..
    and i know u have a heart. 😀
    P.S– i ALSO know i will welcome u to the group in a while.

  2. 9livestoomany

    October 3, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    hey, when I’m stressed, i need a crush to think about… that’s what this is all about..what group??


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