30 Aug

Let me just say, I have no idea what to write about, but you have to restart somewhere… and what better time to do so than when your sister has demanded a restart? So I suspect this is just going to be random stuff…

Here’s something I figured about Religion the other day in sociology class- religion gives people the freedom to feel good about themselves even if they have no personal principles to speak of, because they “compensate” by having religious principles.

Another something I picked up over the last week – The movie “Fight Club”, one of my all-time favorites has images of Tyler appearing in single or two frames in a lot of scenes, even before he entered the movie. The director, David Fincher, had them put in to signify how the narrator was creating Tyler as we watched. They’re also supposed to be a sort of sublimial message, but I think that particular task went to bunk, since people don’t see them unless they’ve watched the movie too many times. And the really interesting and funny part is, the “nice big cock” Tyler talks about and inserts in a cartoon film in the movie, make an appearance at the end. It appears in a single or double frame right when the buildings have been demolished and the Narrator and Marla are holding hands. Quite disgusting, but way hilarious.

Lastly, tell me, how exactly do you tell a friend something about yourself you know they wont be able to work out, face or handle? Really, this is an open call for advice… for once, I’m the one who needs advice…. Any takers?

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