03 Apr

W.N. – (1) I’m sorry Malvi, I’m technologically inept enough to not figure out how to increase the font size, although I somehow did just that in the last post. Anyone who has a wordpress blog, plea for help going into comic void…?

(2) I noticed in the last to last entry (Perversion) there are lots os spelling mistakes. The problem is, I have a very bad “S” key. It has a mind of it’s own so since I’m too lazy to edit it, you will have to manage by putting an “s” somewhere in any word that seems to not belong in a sentence. I was a little more careful this time. Anywho, sorry bout that…

Life is full of crap. Every day, something happens and this one fact gets reiterated again and again- To err, is human. Let’s not talk about the forgiveness part yet. Things are never perfect. NEVER. There is always a glitch in the machine, always a loose wheel, always an unanswered question and always doubt. Again and again as I said today, there are absolutely no guarantees in life.

There is one reason only for this lack of organizational skills in any deity who governs us. He/she/hermaphrodite deity can’t. No matter how religious some of us get, and how much we are willing to leave everything to said deity, the fact remains that we humans are fiercely independent. We refuse to conform. We refuse to become our perfect selves. We refuse to adhere to anybody’s ideas of what our destinies should be. The only manifestation of our need for possible perfection is the movies.

They are perfect. They start with an idea of what destiny is, and they end with the destiny being fulfilled. The bad boy becomes good after genuinely falling for the girl (She’s All That- trust me, I pride myself on not having watched that). The team which has the better person’s wins the game (Remember the Titans – although in all fairness that is based on a true story, like the credits say). The best friends fall in love (When Harry Met Sally, Juno). The world finally changes a bit because of one person (too many to count).

You only need to reach a certain age and live through a few classic experiences to understand that life is anything but a movie, that things are not always that perfect. That the bad boy mostly always remains bad, and the game is won by those who put in the most effort, and sometimes, by those whom luck favors (classic case- me getting into NALSAR); Friends remain friends or even stop being friends at all- not because they had a huge fight the root of which was unrequited love, but simply because they lose touch. And once you realize that, you hate movies for about a sum total of two weeks. After which, you run back to them.

And the answer is – Pandora’s Box. Greek mythology is never clear. There is no version which is the exact same as another. Well, in the version I read, Pandora opened the box, with all the curiosity gifted to her by dear old Hera. And all the little monsters inside got out bringing sickness, despair, ill-luck, and stuff like that to all humankind. Pandora, as you can imagine was scared out of her wits, and you wouldn’t blame the dame for having no presence of mind- what with lizard-like creatures flying out of the pretty box. But surprisingly, she did have a bit of the said presence of mind and she shut the last of the little rascals inside and didn’t let him out. And so, humankind was never able to be perfect because of all the crap that was dumped on it. But we are not doomed. We are not doomed because the chick shut the last one in, and the last one was the one that brought hopelessness (yeah, sort of like Dementors), and humans can live without anything, but not without hope.

So, we go and watch the crap movies, and we hope, and strive and don’t give up. And we live through life which is this crazy, crappy wonderful thing out of none of us come out unscathed or even alive (footnote- P.S. I Love You). And there is something really surprising about the nature of our belief. No, it does not perform miracles, but it actually makes some things real.

Consider this. A long, long time ago, someone somewhere in the world felt something within them. It felt like nothing they’ve ever felt before. They felt good and bad, ugly and beautiful at the same time, and it made them happy, and confused and it also made them suffer. But for the first time, someone who felt like this also ended up living happily for the rest of their lives. And whatever they felt, they felt about this other person. And so, since this feeling/emotion had been so great, this person decided it was time to name it, which hadn’t been recognized, so to speak as yet. For the record, it was not the result of a “magical herb” this s/he discovered. So anyway, s/he called this weird little feeling which had made him/her so happy, “love”.

Yeah, I know what yall are thinking- could you BE more corny? But that’s not the point. The point is, someone somewhere, a long time ago named something that was just an abstract concept. You can’t touch it, you can’t feel it, or hear it. You most definitely cannot describe it to people who have not felt it. And for all I know, it feels different to every person. But it was given a name. And surprisingly enough, every language seems to have a word for all kinds of emotions- love, jealousy, hatred, elation, happiness. So I can only conclude that people everywhere named abstract concepts. And today, just the name of these concepts can bring up about a thousand images and feelings in us.

THAT is what belief is. Somewhere, somehow, in the crazy world this, one iota of movie-like perfection exists – if you believe something enough, and if people believe in it, a part of it remains and becomes a fact instead of a belief.

And that is the beginning of all things that are human, and all thing that are so close to or far from perfection that we couldn’t possibly imagine an interesting life without them.


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