02 Apr

Well, I was going to write about the carpe diem but it seems pointless. It was brilliant! Despite the fact that we lot we managed to have an awesome time and next year we’ll know its much more than just this little event we all thought it was.

But now, down to more important things, like the topic of today’s pearl. For the record, I don’t think I’m a pervert. Not much anyway. Quite distinctly I would simply like to say that I’m not even half as perverted as most of the guys I know.

My perversion is to this extent- I know what I like in a man. I know from quite a few accounts, from friends as well as the published kind, that sex can be pretty damn good thing and I’m not disgusted by the thought of doing it with someone I like or love or whatever the situation may be. Mostly, I don’t try and hide these fact and openly admit them- among girl and guys.

Of course, wherever yall bring up my perversion, it generally is about when I talk about anything graphic. But the fact is bitches, that yall are not averse to talking about it are you? You quite openly do so in front of everyone. And yes, I am directing this to the guys. So to get this straight, when a chick express her non-disgust, in any way at all, towards sex and all its various forms and implications, it’s not all right. So there. I like the thought of sex, and I’m not at all disgusted by almost anything that surround sex, except for overtly sado-masochistic sex. And although this is the World Wide Web, and I can’t really deny it like I would like to (having a reputation as a pervert is fun if nothing else), the fact is the only way the thought of sex would disgust me would be if I really didn’t like the guy or wasn’t attracted to him. Then sex would be disgusting.

Which is why I was always of the opinion that the best way to lose your virginity is with someone who’s already lost theirs. Love is all good and well, but the kind of love that would translate into great sex without any experience is extremely rare, and frankly, I cannot wait for something that will probably never happen (for the record, I believe in love, just not for myself, but more on that later). So when you don’t love the other person, but really do want to sleep with him, then wouldn’t it be better, since you’re not in love anyway to have this person be someone who knows what they’re doing? Fumbling around the first time in bed is not really something I look forward to.

I think next time I’ll talk about statutory rape- as in doing it before 16. Spoiler alert – not something I approve of.


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