2 little poems about 2 people’s

02 Apr

Yeah, I don’t write poetry, I don’t even read it that often. these don’t have a scale and were written for one purpose only- fun. So yeah, 😛

This one about Ramesh- A turd if I ever saw one.


There’s nothing quite as shitty as Pol.Sci,

The teacher is a stinky piece of turd.

He’s always trying to be so fucking pally,

It always ends up getting on our nerves.

He talks ‘bout stuff from many other countries,

But mostly he goes on about Isreal.

Someone should tell him to show us a little pity-

Why on earth didn’t he just remain there?

He tried to get a gult girl to stay with him.

She wasn’t dumb enough to agree.

He’s sucha dirty tharki little prick,

Tank God that sight we didn’t have to see.

He comes to class in figure-hugging shirts.

A better sight than the one that’s translucent.

He’s quite obviously trying to be a stud,

He shows off undie-straps that are fake branded.

He constantly keeps talking ‘bout JNU,

‘Bout all the traumatized girls he apparently had.

Wonder how they ever took in a man who’s such a choot?

I do believe JNU must have been going through days very bad.

And now he’s torturing us in Nalsurr,

What ever made him think he will be welcome?

Cause no matter how hard he hides that he’s a fucker,

We know he’ll always be a butthead.

And this one is about Das- brilliant friend, but a huge bastard *brit accent please*, ain’t you?


My last name is Das

I really like to quiz.

1st name is Anjaneya

I think chakka varathiyada is fried in mallu piss.

I love myself much

But I can be a sweetheart.

I like to get drunk,

But I just don’t put on body mass.

I have a lovely girlfriend,

And I think she’s brilliant and great.

But sometimes I think my ways I must mend,

Since I can be such a pain

I’m mean to people I don’t like

And there are quite a lot of them.

Sometimes in people I find so much to mind,

People wonder how I ever got friends.

So that’s me, my name is Das

I don’t care if you think I’m Cocky

I beat ****** ****** in class,

And that’s what really matters to me.

*Grinch/ Mr. Burns Smile*

FYI- many people have told me I have been very accurate, thank you very much. *my very own smirk* 🙂

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